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We never thought we would see the day when our country is controlled near as much by external sources (debt & foreign lobbying) as it is from internal ones. Who could have imagined that the government would take over retirement (SSSI, Medicare, Medicaid)? Federal control of healthcare is now on the horizon. As the monopoly grows, as the oligarchy evolves, eventually will come the day when they take over firearms. That will be the day to leave my friends.

When that day comes the best notion we've yet come up with is to simply leave the US and find another home. An emerging nation with fewer laws and less government involvement. A few of the former soviet satellites like Czechoslovakia seemed interesting for a while because of newer governments that were less entrenched. After further consideration one would have to assume that Russia, given the opportunity, would take these over once more given the right crisis. I'm not thrilled with the idea of having to live within the confines of Orthodox civilization either. More thought and research are needed.

James Bradley - FTB

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