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Knowledge is a remarkable thing. The more one acquires it, the more one realizes how little he/she knows, and how powerless we are individually relative to the physical and intellectual systems in play within our reality. As I began my adult study into the workings of these things, I discovered what appeared to be an absolute; that the quality and quantity of an individualís education directly correlates to the amount of success one enjoys, especially in terms of the intellectual systems of our world.

"In fact, a motivated student today can get a better real education (but no diploma) in any large urban public library than he can from the harassed and disconcerted faculty of the most highly touted multiversity." - Carroll Quigley

Ultimately one must be willing to self educate in order to be successful. Self education is not always the most efficient way of learning thus a mentor is necessary for accelerated learning. Figure out what it is you want and then find a mentor. Someone who has already done it. Keep asking questions and continue to self educate until you have achieved your goal.


James Bradley - FTB


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