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Moving on to Bangor, Maine.  On Thursday, the students and staff at Maine Central Institute were contacted by Pittsfield police.  The police said a young man was headed in the direction of the school.  And he had a shotgun.  Residents had spotted him and reported him to police.

All hell broke loose.  The students and staff at MCI were told to get on the floor and up against walls.  Many students were terrified and began crying.  Some students feared it was a terrorist attack.

Police Chief Steven Emery later told the Bangor Daily News that the man was likely a hunter carrying a shotgun, since it's duck, partridge, and rabbit hunting season.  They're trying to locate the man.

This is how our young people react when they see a person with a gun?  They become so scared that they start to cry?

This is the indoctrination I've been telling you about for years.  The kind of indoctrination that teaches our kids that guns are bad if they're in the hands of anyone besides a law enforcement officer.  It's like a Pavlovian response.  See a gun and panic.  If the man holding the gun isn't a government officer, then he's evil and he's out to kill you.

What a smashing success it must be for the anti-gun government indoctrinators to see those students reduced to weeping, spineless masses of jelly.  Does this country really have any hope if the current generation of young people is so conditioned to fear the tools of a free citizenry?






Another incredible chapter in the saga of government education.

Paul Volz is 11 years old.  Fifth grade.  He attends the North Jefferson Intermediate (Government) School in Jefferson County, Missouri.  Little Paul was suspended from school for three days because of a facial expression.  He smiled.

Now --- here’s the story.  Paul drew this picture of the World Trade Towers under attack.  This is a picture of a current event.  This is a picture of what could be the biggest news story of the decade.  So, Paul draws a picture of a current news event and shows it to some other students.  The Principal, Jeff Boyer, gets his hands on the picture and asks Paul why he drew it.  That is when Paul transgressed.  He smiled.  Who knows what the smile meant?  Did it mean “I drew it because it’s a current event, aren’t you proud of me for knowing what’s going on?”  Or did Paul mean “I drew it because I’m happy it happened.” 

Well – that smile, that facial expression got Paul his three-day suspension.  No, it wasn’t the drawing – it was the smile.  The school district spokesman said that it was Paul’s “grinning” – not the drawing – that brought the suspension.

The Principal, Jeff Boyer?  He’s not talking.

So --- there you go.  In the Jefferson County government schools facial expressions that displease government agents (don’t give me any crap here, a government school principal is a government agent) can get you suspensions.

That’s OK, folks.  You keep sending your kids off to the hands of government to be educated.  And warn them to wipe those smile’s off their faces. 



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