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For the past few years, President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has been meeting with the enemies of the United States including Libya and Iraq. His behavior otherwise is disturbing as well. Below is a small timeline of recent events in Venezuela.



Venezuela President Hugo Chavez Hugo Chavez


01/05/2003 Political violence scars Venezuela
01/04/2003 Two shot dead in Venezuela clashes
01/04/2003 In pictures: Venezuela strike chaos
01/03/2003 Country profile: Venezuela


12/24/2002 Venezuela strikers reject 'truce' offer
12/21/2002 Britons warned to leave Venezuela
12/16/2002 Violence flares in Venezuela protests
12/15/2002 Chavez opponents mass on streets
12/12/2002 Venezuelans living on the brink
12/11/2002 In pictures: Venezuela panic
12/11/2002 Venezuela crisis deepens
12/06/2002 Strikes threaten to cripple Venezuela
12/05/2002 In pictures: Venezuela on strike
11/30/2002 Venezuelan dissident generals sacked
11/19/2002 Troops disperse Venezuela protest
11/07/2002 Chavez fights referendum plans
11/05/2002 Dozens injured in Caracas clashes
10/23/2002 Army officers urge Venezuela rebellion
10/20/2002 Chavez 'foils assassination plot'
10/06/2002 Another Venezuela coup attempt 'foiled'
09/08/2002 Chavez pushes through oil for Cuba
08/19/2002 Chavez vows to fight opposition
08/03/2002 Street clashes engulf Venezuela's capital
07/10/2002 Carter's Venezuela bid fails
06/25/2002 Chavez warns against more coup plots
06/21/2002 Chavez defiant in face of protests
05/27/2002 Venezuelan coup leader given asylum
05/12/2002 Venezuelans march against Chavez
05/07/2002 Rift in Venezuelan society
05/06/2002 Venezuela president names new cabinet
05/03/2002 Venezuela minister warns of new coup
04/20/2002 New boss for Venezuela's oil giant
04/17/2002 Chavez opposition sceptical of change
04/15/2002 Currency plunges on Chavez return
04/14/2002 Analysis: After the would-be coup
04/14/2002 Analysis: Venezuela's crippled economy
04/14/2002 In pictures: Chavez defies opponents
04/14/2002 Chavez poised for comeback
04/14/2002 Venezuela interim president resigns
04/13/2002 Latin America ambivalent over ouster
04/12/2002 Venezuela press condemns 'autocrat' Chavez
04/12/2002 Venezuela's political disarray
04/12/2002 Analysis: Venezuela's crippled economy
04/12/2002  Venezuela president forced out
04/12/2002  Venezuela military challenge president
04/07/2002  Venezuela president sacks oil executives
03/21/2002  Clashes erupt on Venezuela streets
02/27/2002  Venezuela divided over Chavez
02/14/2002  Venezuela's currency in freefall


12/16/2001  Chavez forces capitulation of banks.
12/10/2001 Venezuela's Chavez faces labour wrath
08/12/2001 Castro visits Venezuelan ally
08/11/2001 Castro visits Venezuela
05/25/2001 China urges stronger ties with Venezuela
04/17/2001 Venezuela backs China in US/China aircraft collision
04/16/2001 Venezuela supports China's human rights record
04/15/2001 Venezuela welcomes Chinese President Jiang


12/05/2000 US looking into alleged Chavez mischief
10/26/2000 Castro arrives in Venezuela
10/15/2000 Army general named as head of Venezuelan federal oil company
09/29/2000 Iran-Iraq talks in Caracas
09/21/2000 Chavez seeks more power
09/03/2000 Chavez supports Bolivia against Chile
08/19/2000 Venezuela's Chavez sworn in again
08/13/2000 Chavez meets Gaddafi in Libya
08/10/2000 Chavez visits Iraq
07/31/2000 Cuba delighted at Chavez victory
07/15/2000 Chavez military critic arrested
03/01/2000 Retired Venezuelan military officers denounce Chavez' political use of military forces
02/02/2000 Chavez demands international respect for Venezuela as a sovereign country
01/14/2000 Venezuela rejects US military aid after disaster


12/23/1999 In pictures: Venezuela's devastation
12/19/1999 In pictures: Venezuela's flood chaos
12/16/1999 Venezuela backs new constitution. - Opponents say authoritarianism on it's way.
12/13/1999 Venezuela Cardinal says Chavez is ''like Mussolini''
11/11/1999 Venezuela suspends scores of allegedly corrupt judges
11/05/1999 Venezuela votes to extend presidency
10/25/1999 Venezuela's Chavez defends his reforms. Critics say he is too powerful
08/27/1999 Venezuela's Congress vows defiance after being stripped of power
08/03/1999 Constitutional rewrite begins in Venezuela
07/12/1999 Cuban foreign minister visits Venezuela
02/05/1999 Venezuela's Chavez wants coup officers reinstated


10/01/1998 Anti-Chavez alliance in Venezuela fails
06/17/1998 Venezuela jails are worst in world


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