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The Second Treatise of Government,

John Locke

  Chapter One: Of Political Power
  Chapter Two: Of the State of Nature
  Chapter Three: Of the State of War
  Chapter Four: Of Slavery
  Chapter Five: Of Property
  Chapter Six: Of Paternal Power
  Chapter Seven: Of Political or Civil Society
  Chapter Eight: Of the Beginning of Political Societies
  Chapter Nine: Of the Ends of Political Society and Government
  Chapter Ten: Of the Forms of a Commonwealth
  Chapter Eleven: Of the Extent of the Legislative Power
  Chapter Twelve: The Legislative, Executive, and Federative Power of the Commonwealth
  Chapter Thirteen: Of the Subordination of the Powers of the Commonwealth
  Chapter Fourteen: Of Prerogative
  Chapter Fifteen: Of Paternal, Political and Despotical Power, Considered Together
  Chapter Sixteen: Of Conquest
  Chapter Seventeen: Of Usurpation
  Chapter Eighteen: Of Tyranny
  Chapter Nineteen: Of the Dissolution of Government


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