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Finally some interesting mail! - C.G.

I thoroughly enjoy receiving your newsletter. Its definitely informative and quite humorous in its content. I look forward to opening it every time I spot it in my inbox. - J.G.

Sadly my brother doesn't pay much attention to politics.  Maybe you could inspire him with this great news letter. - J.B.

Two Words: Simply Awesome! - D.S.

I get so many emails that I rarely read all the way through one, but I was glued to this, and look forward to many more. - P.N.

Thank you for sending Fight The Bias, I have enjoyed the material in each edition. - D.K.

Whoever you've  nailed it perfectly ! - J.H.

Hello,  I have been receiving the newsletters and really enjoy them. - S.T.

Please subscribe my sister.  I have sent her a couple copies of your newsletter and she is coming around to rational thinking. - K.G.

I love what you are saying... Sign me up! - C.H.

This news letter is exactly what I was looking for. - M.C.

I really love this newsletter. - M.M.

Thanks for the emails and keep it up. I  really enjoy them. - J.E.

Excellent message... excellent! - K.S.

We at Fight The Bias have a threefold mission.

1. To offer readers an alternative look at the news by means of our e-mail newsletter. The newsletter serves to enlighten and provoke involvement in the political process while countering the bias so prevalent in conventional media outlets.

2. Return common sense to our government. Our government has become too large and too far reaching. We feel our government is beginning to become what our forefathers sought relief from in the 18th century.

3. Educate individuals about the value of liberty. Encroachments by our government into our pocketbooks, lives, and upon our freedoms have been implemented so slowly that many are oblivious and uncaring.

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