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Military finds refreshing change with new commander in chief.

Military finds refreshing change with new commander in chief
By Joseph Curl

President Bush, in less than a month in office, has gained the
respect and admiration of the military, a battle his predecessor lost even before he became commander in chief. 
And where Mr. Bush, a former Texas National Guard pilot, snaps off a salute with the best of them, Mr. Clinton, who dodged the Vietnam draft, had to attend a remedial "saluting class."
"There's been a sea change at the top," one sailor said after Mr.
Bush addressed Navy officials at Norfolk Naval Station on Tuesday. "A lot of us were disgusted with President Clinton for his sexual misconduct, his dodging the draft for Vietnam.
Mr. Clinton's stint as commander in chief went bad even before he was elected in 1992.
During the presidential campaign, reports emerged that he had
participated in anti-war protests while a Rhodes scholar at Oxford
University in England and obtained deferments to avoid being drafted for Vietnam, "a war," he said, "I opposed and despised with a depth of feeling I had reserved solely for racism in America."
"He doesn't know us, doesn't know the first thing about us," one
Marine said at the Norfolk ceremony. "You don't necessarily have to be in the Marines to be a good commander in chief, but it helps if you don't hate our guts."
"You think it was a coincidence that we're bombing places on the day he's going to be impeached?" one Army officer said.
Five recipients of the Medal of Honor - the highest U.S. military
decoration awarded to soldiers for gallantry in action - took out
full-page newspaper ads to deplore the action.
"I'm worried that we are trying to be all things to all people around the world," Mr. Bush said yesterday at the West Virginia National Guard in Charleston. "The mission of the United States military [is] to be trained and prepared to fight and win war, and therefore, prevent war from happening in the first place."
As for the salute, Mr. Clinton had trouble from the beginning of his term.
"He seemed to be working out his internal conflicts every time he
tentatively raised his hand," former White House strategist George
Stephanopoulos wrote in his book "All Too Human: A Political Education." "The tips of his fingers would furtively touch his slightly bowed head, as if he were being caught at something he wasn't supposed to do." National Security Adviser Anthony Lake was sent to confer with Mr. Clinton about his salute, and it "grew crisper," he wrote.
Soldiers said Mr. Bush has the right salute, whipping his hand up so quickly that photographers often complain that they missed the picture. "Now that's a salute," a 3rd Infantry Division sergeant said.


More and more people in Washington and the mainstream media are starting to wonder – quite out loud – whether or not Denise Rich has been servicing Bill Clinton’s sexual needs as part of her campaign for a pardon for her ex-husband. 

My question. Why is there any reason to doubt it? Hey, according to the records indicate she made around 100 visits to ole Bill at the White House – with most of those visits coming when Hillary was beating the bushes in New York.

I think I’ll just stop right there.


Yet another Atlanta predator has met his end!

It happened on Saturday night. A 21-year-old man came home to his apartment in Cobb County. As he tried to close the door, three men forced their way in. Two of the men attacked him, and the third took his mother--who was babysitting a young child at the time--into a back bedroom to get any cash or jewelry she owned.

The man was eventually dragged into the back bedroom, too, where he was beaten, kicked, and pistol-whipped. He found his pistol and shot one of them. The predator has now assumed room temperature and is cooling on a slab in the county morgue. The other two are on the run.

Now sit back and think how this would have gone down if the victim hadn't been armed with a gun. Would that man, his mother, and that child have survived to tell their tale to police? Should they have just tried to call 911 and waited for the police to come to their rescue?

This is the anti-Second Amendment nut’s worst nightmare. A law-abiding homeowner shoots and kills an assailant with a gun! A horrible, horrible gun! He actually owns a gun and keeps it in an apartment where his mother takes care of young children! Doesn't he know that he's umpteen times more likely to kill his mom or that kid than he is to use that gun in self-defense? Oh, the horror of it all! Oh, the humanity!

By the way, police are trying to identify the dead predator. He's described as a young black male wearing a large gold cross inlaid with 100 diamonds, and with his eyeteeth outlined in gold. Anybody out there who's missing one of their homies should call Cobb County Police to claim him.


Neil Boortz is a syndicated talk show host based in Atlanta Georgia. You can visit his website at


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