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BUSH GOING FOR MORE GOVERNMENT? Stick to your guns man!

One of the worst pieces of legislation to come around in the last decade or so was the Americans with Disabilities Act. This is the act that was used as an excuse for a Florida high school principal arrested for shoplifting. His kleptomania was a disability. This is the bill the fleshy flyers are trying to use to avoid paying for all of the space their ample asses take up on airliners. This is the bill that is on the verge of ruining that great stadium seating at some movie theatres. 

Now Bush actually wants to expand it! He wants federal taxpayers to be hit with part of the tab for helping disabled people get computers and other equipment that would help them work from home.

Worthy goal? Possibly. Constitutional? No way.
Worthy goal? Possibly. Constitutional? No way.

Can anyone tell me just where our U.S. Constitution says that the federal government will have the power to seize money (at the point of a gun) from the person who earned it and then use that money to buy some other individual a computer so that they can develop a home business? Don’t bother looking. It’s not there.

Wouldn’t it be great if some of those people in Washington would actually start paying attention to the 10th Amendment? 

BTW, Here is the tenth amendment.....

Amendment X
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people. 

This amendment was thrown out the window the day the Confederacy surrendered. 


The U.S. Commission on National Security has just released a report that says we're screwed if we don't shape up our schools--and fast.

The 14-member Hart-Rudman Commission named education reform as its number two priority behind investment innovations. The government schools' inability to educate students in science and math has contributed to what the panel calls a "crisis" in national security. There aren't enough qualified scientists and engineers out there to fill high-tech national security jobs. Said panel member Newt Gingrich, "I think if we don't invest in improvements in the levels of achievement in math and science education, then it is a greater threat to the national security...than any conventional war."

What's needed? The commissioners recommend a National Security Science and Technology Education Act to help produce more scientists and engineers, as well as more qualified science and math teachers.

But as long as there are teachers' unions to fight any attempt at making their members more accountable, true education reform won't happen. As long as parents place complete trust in the government's ability to educate their children, true education reform won't happen. As long as our young people buy into the anti-achievement mentality and accept the socialist idea of womb-to-tomb government care, then true education reform--the kind that would produce competent scientists and engineers--will not happen.

Who knows? Maybe it will take a major breach of national security for this country's soccer moms and do-nothing educators to jump-start education reform.


Here’s the national debt figure for yesterday. At the close of business on January 31st the total government debt was $5,740,291,126,546.45. That's over one billion dollars more than the day before. 

Come on, folks. Something's not right here. They're talking about huge budget surpluses ... and our national debt keeps growing.

Today the Congressional Budget Office is going to say that the budget surpluses are so huge that we will probably pay off the national debt by the year 2006.

First – we are not paying off any debt. We are only shifting debt. Shifting debt out of the hands of Americans and into the hands of government. 

Secondly …. There IS NO SURPLUS.

The surplus they’re talking about is all borrowed funds!

Look … here’s a link shared with me by one of my listeners. You can go to this link every day to see how our national debt is growing or falling. It’s not a website maintained by some partisan interest group. It’s maintained by the U.S. Treasury Department. 

If you visit this site you will find that the total public debt of the U.S. government at the close of business on Friday, January, January 19th was $5,727,776,738,304.64. One week later, on January 26th, the debt was $5,740,435,844,198.00. Now, get out your calculator and figure out the difference. In just one week our national debt grew by $13 billion, yet they tell us we’re operating with a surplus and paying down the debt!

When are the American people going to demand the TRUTH on this matter --- and when is the media going to give it to us?


Neil Boortz is a syndicated talk show host based in Atlanta Georgia. You can visit his website at


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