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John Kerry Honored by Communist Vietnamese.

10/30/2004 - 9:00PM

Some of you may already be aware of this story, but it has not gotten any traction in the mainstream media. No wonder really as most of them want to see him elected.

It turns out that there is a picture of John Kerry hanging in the "Vietnam War Remnants Museum" in Saigon. The photo and the text associated with the picture honor John Kerry as a hero in their victory over the United States.

Photograph of John Kerry meeting with Comrade Do Muoi, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam, in Vietnam, July 15-18, 1993. Photo taken in the War Remnants Museum (formerly the "War Crimes Museum") in Saigon in May 2004.


Jeffrey M. Epstein of Vietnam Vets for the Truth acquired the photograph over the Memorial Day weekend 2004 as America was commemorating its military heroes.


War Remnants Museum, Saigon, May 2004. The uniformed sailor is from an Australian minesweeper docked in the Saigon River.


Photographer Bill Lupetti, who is currently visiting Vietnam, took the photographs in Saigon during his recent visit there. Lupetti, a former Hospital Corpsman, is also a Swift Boat veteran.

Senator Kerry may argue today that his anti-war protests did not render support to the enemy in time of war and that his activities did not violate the definition of treason given in Article III, Section 3, of the US Constitution. This exhibit paying tribute to Kerry in the War Protestors Hall of the War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City tells a very different story. The Vietnamese communists clearly feel that the American anti-war protestors were a very important force in undermining support in the United States for American war efforts, a force that contributed materially to ultimate communist victory in 1975.

On Fox News' Hannity and Colmes show on Friday, May 28, 2004, Rear Admiral Roy Hoffman (USN, Retired) accused John Kerry of being a traitor because of his anti-war activities. This photo, which demonstrates the extent to which the Vietnamese communists acknowledge that he supported them during the Vietnam War, corroborates this charge.

Thanks John!


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James Bradley




"Congressmen who willfully take actions during wartime that damage morale and undermine the military are saboteurs and should be arrested, exiled, or hanged."

Abraham Lincoln

”if it were not for the disunity created by...stateside protests, Hanoi would have ultimately surrendered.”

General Vo Nguyen Giap - North Vietnamese War Hero

"No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms ."

Thomas Jefferson - 1776
"Very few established institutions, governments and constitutions...are ever destroyed by their enemies until they have been corrupted and weakened by their friends."

Walter Lippman


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