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As the year winds down it is time once again to begin thinking about preparing your 2001 I.R.S. tax returns. If you already know what your taxable income will be for the year, take a look at this chart to find out how much you will pay to our Imperial Federal Government.

Stop for a moment here and grab a calculator. Do the math in order to fully appreciate the number for what it is. Imagine sitting down on April 15th and writing a check to the IRS for that amount. This is just the beginning. Read on.


The good news is that you may be entitled to one or more of the following.

Deductions,    Write Offs,    Government handouts,    Income Redistribution Schemes,    Etc.


The bad news is that the figure you calculated above does not include the following.

State Income Tax - where applicable ,     Sales Tax,     Gas Tax - 33.5 cents a gallon,     Taxes on luxury items ,     Property taxes - built into your rent payment or paid annually if you own,     Licensing and inspection for your automobile ,     Communications taxes ,     Licensing fees ,     Energy Taxes ,    Gift Taxes,     Capital Gains ,     Transportation Taxes – built into the price of your plane tickets, etc. ,     Death Taxes ,     Taxes corporations and other entities pay and pass along to you in the form of higher prices.

The list is endless.....


Just for the record, according to a USA Today report a few years ago, the average American pays more than 40% of their total income to a collective group of government agencies.  

Does it warm your heart knowing that a significant portion of your income is being used to essentially buy votes allowing our illustrious Congressmen and Senators to get reelected?

Are you as frustrated as I?

What are you going to do about it?

Click Here to contact your representatives. Oh, and forward this to your friends and associates.






By now everyone has heard about the dirt-bag who tried to ignite a bomb on board an American Airlines flight from Paris to Miami over the weekend.  That’s his picture below. He is, as you can see, one ugly dude.  Of course the fact that his face has been pounded on by fire extinguishers doesn’t help much.  

He tried to ignite those explosives somewhere over the middle of the Atlantic.  An alert flight attendant and some heroic passengers pounced on the jerk and prevented a possible disaster.

So … what does this mean?  It means that if you’re planning on traveling by commercial airliner in the near future you had better wear some comfortable shoes that you can slip on and off easily.  Chances are you are going to be taking those shoes off and running them through the x-ray machine.


This seems like a good time to share an e-mail with you from an airline pilot:

A question please.  Me-  I am an American Airlines 757/767 International Captain. I've been flying for American for almost 16 years and flying in total for over 25 years.  I have a corporate ID with the latest validation stamp. I have a top secret security clearance. I've had at least 6 FBI background checks (that I know of), valid passport, etc., etc., etc.!  I cannot even get to the airplane to do my job without an incredible amount of harassment and hassle from our so-called "security."  Eighty-year-old men and three-year-old girls also seem to have the same problem. Now, consider Mr. Reid:  He’s  1) Arab looking guy dressed in a sheet 2) Brand new passport (3 days old) issued in Belgium, the hotbed for fake passports.3) Guy checks in with NO bags! Even though he's on a 16-day trip. 4) His contact address was a European Tourist Agency, now closed for Christmas! 5) Refused boarding of a flight last Friday. Yet Mr. "Reid" had no problem boarding our flight!  Is it me, or is the whole system upside down? 

Yes, Captain.  The system is upside down.  We have government officials and airport security screeners who absolutely refuse to do their jobs in the most efficient manner possible because of their adherence to the politically correct culture of today.


“Mr. Reid” is not, of course, Mr. Reid.  They still aren’t sure of his real name, but some British sources are confirming what you already suspected.  He’s Muslim.  He is also obviously of middle-eastern appearance.  This man, looking as he does, should have gone through the most intensive of searches before he was allowed to board the airplane.  We have a near-tragedy here that could have been averted by a little common-sense ethnic profiling.


Soon after 9-11 China’s national airline issued an edict:  Nobody from any Middle Eastern country will be permitted to fly.  Period.  End of story.  Now I’ll agree that this is a bit extreme, but it isn’t completely unreasonable.  The same goal can be accomplished by simply stating that anyone traveling on a Middle Eastern passport or appearing to be of Middle Eastern origin will be given the blue-steam security screening before they board an airplane.  If they don’t like it tell them that they can take it up with those countrymen of theirs who seem to take such pride in killing themselves, along with as many innocent men women and children as they can round up.








I nailed Bill Clinton’s for this … so I'm not about to give the First Lady a pass.  In fact – this is even more dismaying coming from the wife of a Republican president than it is coming from a leftist Democrat.

So – what am I talking about?  It’s a statement that Laura Bush made on Face the Nation the other day.  Laura Bush was responding to the words of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick the Archbishop of Washington, D.C.  The issue was the now infamous Osama Bin Laden video tape and Cardinal McCarrick had made a reference to God’s gift of free will.  It’s that free will that brings us evil, like bin Laden, but it’s also that free will that brings us Saints!

So far, so good.  Cardinal McCarrick got it right. Then Laura Bush delivers her response to the Cardinal’s words.

God gives us that freedom, that free will, but one of the most precious things about our country is that our government also gives us those freedoms  … we took all those precious freedoms so for granted, especially our freedom to worship.”

Shades of Bill Clinton!

Why do so many of the people in the most important positions in our government constantly get this one wrong?  Our country does not “give us those freedoms”!  A cursory survey of the writings of any of our founding fathers will reveal that the purpose of forming our government was to protect our freedoms, not to grant them.  Just look at the words of the Declaration of Independence:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed."

What part of this excerpt from the Declaration does Laura Bush not understand?  Unless my reading comprehensive ability is bad … this seems to say that our freedoms are ours as a gift from God, not the state.  The Declaration says that governments are instituted to secure our rights … again, not to grant them.

Why do I make such a big deal about this?  Why did I criticize Bill Clinton when he made a similar statement?  And why do I now criticize Laura Bush?   I am critical because these are people in positions of authority and respect.  Those among us who are, shall we say, less educated (Democrats) and more easily influenced by the mutterings of the political elite (Democrats) and who will follow their political leaders down whatever path is cleared for them (Democrats).  These people will hear these words and sub-consciously file them away in that incredibly small part of their brain that they have developed for use in rational thought processes.  These myrmidons will gradually come to accept the idea that our freedoms are really gifts from government – freedoms bestowed upon us by our elected officials.  And what’s next?  Well, if the slower-thinking among us start to accept the idea that our freedoms are gifts from government, then it stands to reason that these gifts can be withheld or taken away!

It’s all really very simple.  A government formed to protect freedoms cannot legitimately take those freedoms away.  A government which gives you your freedoms can.  


There is one particular passage in the Constitution that needs to be hammered into the heads of Americans day after day after day.  It’s the last part of the passage I included above.  I’ll repeat that specific part here

That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

This means that the powers that our government exercises are powers that we give the government.  You see, Laura Bush had it backwards.  Government doesn’t “give” us our freedoms.  We “give” government its powers.

Here’s a key point.  The powers that we give government are powers we hold individually.  After all, how can we give to the government something we don’t have?  We have the right to self-defense, right? So it stands to reason that we can grant to the government the right to act to defend us collectively.

Now – answer this question.  Do we have the right to seize a neighbor’s property and give it to someone whom we deem to be in need?  Do we have a right to seize a stranger’s property and use that property to curry favor (votes?) with someone else?  If the answer is “no,” then how in the world did we ever give our consent to the government to commit those acts?  Are you telling me that somehow we can give permission to the government to do something for us that would constitute a criminal act if we did it for ourselves?

Another question.  Do you or I have the individual right to go up to a perfect stranger and force that stranger to participate in an irresponsible retirement (Social Security) program that is guaranteed to under-perform anything that is available in the free market?  No?  Then how can we give our consent to the government to do just that?

Does it occur to you that the Imperial Federal Government that exists today is a far, far cry from what was envisioned by our Founding Fathers?  




I saw a K-Mart advertisement in the newspaper over the weekend for Christmas Trees.  The problem, though, is that K-Mart didn’t call them “Christmas Trees.”  They were advertised as “Holiday Trees.”

Come on, people.  Isn’t this carrying things a bit far?  Does K-Mart really believe that someone is going to be offended if a Christmas Tree is called a Christmas Tree? 

How much longer are we going to have to endure this Tyranny of the Offended?  All anyone has to do is claim to be “offended” by some action, image or situation and suddenly we’re jumping through hoops to make sure that whatever it is that has offended is corrected or eliminated?  When did we suddenly obtain a Constitutional right NOT to be offended by something?  Has anything written here offended you yet?  No?  I'll try harder.




The harder they try, the worse it gets.  By now you know that Bill Clinton gathered his core Clintonistas together last week for a little brainstorming session.  The goal?  To spread the word that Clinton really was a great president -- and to repair his legacy.

The lead-off batter seems to be none other than the Smartest Woman in the World, Hillary Clinton.  She had a little conference call with reporters last week during which she praised the Clinton years.

"I believe two terms of the Clinton administration were very good for our country.  I'm deeply concerned that within a space of a year we seem to have done a U-turn."

The Hillary says that the United States was ".. "richer and safer and smarter and stronger" with Bill running the show.  But no longer.  Now, she says, the Clinton gains have been "eliminated or reversed in the space of a year."

Multiple affairs, selling nuclear secrets to China, lying, obstruction of justice, fraud, dishonesty, being disbarred from the Supreme Court, weakness on terrorism, impeachment, selling pardons, buying votes, pardoning terrorists ....  Yeah, it was a wonderful time all right.

By the way .. it's sad that I have to remind you of this, but the current recession began under Clinton, not Bush.




“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”







Larry Kudlow on Tom Daschle’s murder of the economic stimulus plan.

In addition to single-handedly killing the stimulus plan – Daschle isn’t doing so well on other fronts.

Neil Boortz is a syndicated talk show host based in Atlanta Georgia. You can visit his website at


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