Franklin woman, 78, shoots at intruder
Intoxicated suspect kicked hole through wall when victim fired bullet, police say.
October 23, 2001  

FRANKLIN, Ind. A 78-year-old woman shot at a man who tried to enter her home through a hole he had kicked in the wall and held him at bay until police arrived.

The woman found a man kicking a hole in the wall next to the door of her back porch after she heard someone pounding on her back door about 1 a.m. Sunday, authorities said.

While she was on the phone calling 911, the man made a hole big enough to enter and came inside the porch, the victim told dispatchers.

When he ignored her warning to stop, she fired one shot from a semiautomatic handgun, striking the porch wall, police said.

The man tried to escape through the hole he had made, but police said officers arrived before he could wriggle out.

The man, identified as Earl S. Feathers, 50, of Franklin, told authorities he thought he trying to enter his own home, the newspaper said.

Feathers was arrested on charges of residential entry and public intoxication.