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Taliban Anti-Aircraft Gunner!



Maybe it’s just me, but I’m starting to detect a little change in the atmosphere around our war against terror.  Some Americans are upset that Bush isn’t prosecuting the war more severely – with more intensity.  Others are starting to succumb to the constant media barrage of stories about civilian casualties.  In the Further Reading area you’ll see a negative anti-American story from our prime allies, the British.

We’re in a fight for our lives here people.  Don’t think otherwise.  The Islamists extremists determined to kill as many of us as they possibly can.  They see it as their very reason for being – to kill Americans (infidels or unbelievers) in the name of Allah.

We’re not so-much fighting for ourselves.  I don’t think that life will ever return to the normalcy and imagined security we felt two months ago. Now we’re fighting to give our children and their children a chance to live in relative peace and safety in America decades down the road.

Civilians are going to die.  They’re going to die here, and they’re going to die overseas.  The big difference is that while America will seek to protect its civilians from harm, the Islamists extremists will do all they can to put their civilians in harms way – perhaps even murdering a few themselves – to give the world’s media a civilian body count to put on the front pages.

In the end we are going to have to find a way to turn the hearts and minds of the world’s Muslims.  They have to understand that the U.S. and most Christians have no problem whatsoever coexisting with Muslims on this planet --- but we will not willingly coexist with a religion that calls for the wholesale murder of all Americans in the name of their prophets. 




Here’s another story vividly illustrating just how absurd government can become when it comes to throwing taxpayers money away.

It happened in San Francisco at a construction site for the rapid transit expansion project to the airport. Someone found a snake.  A dead snake.  A dead San Francisco garter snake.  Well – it so happens that the San Francisco garter snake is on the California list of endangered species.  Sooooo ….. halt the construction!  We have to find out what killed this snake!  We have to bring the responsible party to justice!”

Construction on the rail line was halted for 18 days while California snake detectives tried to figure out just who or what killed the garter snake.  They couldn’t figure out who the culprit was, so the State just set some new snake safety standards at the worksite and let the workers return.

Wait – that’s not the end of the story.  The contractor had to stop work for 18 days.  That’s 18 days worth of wages for workers and continuing expenses that needed to be covered … by someone. So, BART (the transit agency) will shell out about a million dollars to the construction contractor for stopping the project for a snake-death investigation.

By the way … thus far BART has paid over $6 million complying with environmental laws in this construction project and --- you’ll be happy to know --- has relocated 75 snakes.  Such nice people. 




A former general counsel for the National Security Agency is saying that the FBI is working on plans to change the very structure of the internet.  The goal?  To make every piece of e-mail and every web page pass through some FBI controlled server somewhere.  This would make it much easier for the FBI to monitor the content of all web pages and e-mail messages.  All of this would supposedly be in keeping with the new wiretap laws passed as part of the Anti-terrorism bill.

More on this later --- for right now, just spend some time considering the implications.  Right now they’re after terrorists --- but with this technology who are they after next week?  Those who spout “hate speech?”  Just remember, some leftists will tell you that any expression of any attitude in opposition to leftist goals is, by definition, “hate speech.” 




Going back to that Paul McCartney special at Madison Square Garden.  You know, the one where Hillary was so roundly booed?  I really got a kick out of Hillary's handlers blaming it on “right-wing talk radio.”  Yeah, that’s it.  All those cops and firemen in the audience listen to “right-wing talk radio” and that’s why Hillary was booed.

Well, what would you know about Hillary if you added talk radio to your sources of information about Hillary?

  • You would constantly be reminded that Hillary is a liar.  You would know that Hillary lied under oath when she denied knowledge of the whereabouts of those Rose Law Firm billing records --- when they were sitting there in her private White House living quarters with her fingerprints and her handwriting on them all the time.

  • You would remember that those billing records showed that Hillary did the legal paperwork for a fraudulent investment scheme that cost the taxpayers of America tens of millions of dollars.

  • You would remember that Hillary’s husband issued pardons to various groups of people, including terrorists convicted of bombing buildings in New York, just to get votes for Hillary in the Senate race.

  • You would remember that Hillary went through the entire New York Senate race without ever once appearing before a crowd that wasn’t hand-picked to put Hillary in the best possible light.

  • You would remember that Hillary has a history of expressing and showing disdain for public safety employees – including her own secret service protection.

  • You would remember that Hillary blamed a “vast right-wing conspiracy” for all of those stories about her so-called husband’s fling with an intern.

  • You would remember that Hillary was the likely force behind the illegal collection of confidential FBI files on certain people that the Clinton’s might consider to be political enemies.

In other words --- if you listen to evil talk radio you would know just exactly what type of person you were looking at when Hillary walked out on that Madison Square Garden stage … and you would react accordingly. 

Hey, all you New Yorkers who voted Hillary Clinton into office.  Are you proud of your junior senator?  Are you myrmidons going to follow her lead and dismiss New York's real heroes as just a bunch of right-wingers?  Go ahead.  Bad-mouth them until you're blue in the face--but they'll still come to your rescue when the chips are down. 




Americans have been buying guns in droves since September 11--and the leftist media just can't stand it.  As more and more Americans own guns, and more and more Americans obtain permits to carry those guns with them, the murder rate gets lower and lower. 

For a sickening example of anti-gun bias just look at an article that appeared in Sunday's edition of the Washington Post.  It's about the Tulsa Gun Show, which has been around since 1955.  This year, there's a new angle: Frightened Americans are arming themselves!

The writer, Lois Romano, says people came to the Tulsa Gun Show "to buy security and safety because today, more than ever, they believe there is a need--and an absolute right--to do so...Visitors to the gun show couldn't articulate precisely how personal firearms might protect them from a major terrorist attack.  But the general sentiment was that, however illogical, it gave them a sense of security."


Has the writer seen the statistical evidence of the beneficial aspects of widespread gun ownership?  Is she aware that the crime rate plunged by more than 80 percent after Kennesaw, Georgia, required a gun in every home?  Does she know that mass shootings drop like a rock after states enact laws allowing residents to carry concealed weapons?  Or that rapes drop by 9 percent in states where women can carry concealed weapons?  Does Lois Romano know that Americans use guns for lawful self-defense about two million times a year?

Look closer in the article and you'll see where Lois Romano gets a lot of her quotes.  They're coming from Michael D. Barnes, president of the (ultra-illogical) Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.  Barnes told Romano that Americans who buy guns in response to terrorism are putting their families at risk by having a gun in the home.  And he even suggested that terrorists get their guns from unlicensed dealers at gun shows.

We've seen this tactic before.  A few weeks ago, Tom Diaz of the Violence Policy Center tried to tie Barrett Firearms, maker of the .50-caliber sniper rifle, to Osama bin Laden.  Barrett didn't actually sell to bin Laden or al-Qaida.  They sold 25 rifles to the freedom fighters who, at the time, were trying to rid their country of Soviet invaders – and the sale was made with the approval of the federal government.

Lois Romano doesn't just end her article there--she even takes the time to demonize gun owners.  She writes about the Tulsa Gun Show's "display of Nazi memorabilia, from a mammoth swastika flag that could be seen from all over the hall, to silver and coins and jewelry that purportedly had belonged to the Nazis."  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that she's trying to paint gun owners as a bunch of white racists who sympathize with the Nazis.

Let's also remind Lois Romano that the term "Nazi" is an abbreviation for the national socialist party of Germany.  Socialists aren't the usual patrons of gun shows.  They're the ones calling for everyone else to disarm before the children get hurt.  Oh, and by the way.  The Nazis disarmed the German population.  You see what happened then.

It's just another piece of fabulously biased journalism from the Washington Post.  And just more evidence that leftist groups like the Brady Campaign are using September 11 to promote their own anti-freedom agendas.



Did you hear what Democratic Senator Joseph Biden was spouting forth the other day. He was warning that America was on the verge of becoming known as a “high tech bully.”

OK .. have you stopped hyperventilating?  Are you ready to go on here?

Joseph Biden says that if we continue the bombing of Bin Laden forces in Ashcanistan we will be seen as “high tech bullies?”  I guess it’s not “high tech bullying” when an Islamic murderer uses Boeing 757 to slaughter 5000 innocent civilians.

High tech Bully?  Let’s just stop using our technology – the technology American taxpayers paid for – and rush the ground troops in there on donkeys with scimitars to fight the Taliban!  After all, we don’t want to be seen as bullies, do we?  We should sacrifice American ground troops – sacrifice the blood of American soldiers so that some Islamic cleric in Saudi Arabia won’t tell his followers that America isn’t fighting fair because our technology is better than theirs.

While we’re at it, Senator Biden, we should take away all of those night vision goggles from our Special Forces troops.  It’s just not fair if our guys can see at night and theirs can’t.  Don’t want to get that high-tech advantage, you know.  And I also understand our guys are wearing bulletproof Kevlar. Do the Taliban soldiers have bulletproof vests?  If not, there we are being high-tech bullies again.  Let’s airdrop bulletproof vests and steel turban liners to the Taliban warriors so everyone will know that we want nothing more than a fair fight.

Then, Senator Biden, after this war against terrorism is won (with no help form you) maybe you ought to sponsor some legislation that would require the U.S. military to share all new military technology with unfriendly foreign nations so that – should hostilities ever break out – no one side will have a technological advantage.  Better yet, why don't' we just stop all research into weaponry until every other country on the face of the earth has the money to engage in the same research. Don't want to get too good, do we?

Maybe we could extend the Biden principal to business.  No one business should be able to provide a level of product customer service that is too far above the norm.  After all, that might mean domination of that particular segment of the marketplace.  Nothing but economic bullying.

When you cut through the Biden BS this is what you get.  The US should stop using its technological superiority in this fight against Islamists.  We should, he would say, “come out and fight fair.”  Put American lives right out there on the battlefield.  Put them in Taliban gunsights.  Get some of our guys killed.  Only then can we avoid being thought of as bullies.

It’s a good  thing Biden wasn’t around when American stopped World War II in its tracks with the atomic bomb.  God only knows what anti-American nonsense he would have come up with them.




This, my friends, is just amazing.

There’s a group in Washington called the Martin Luther King Memorial Project. A memorial has been designed, and a place selected – about halfway between the Lincoln Memorial and the FDR Memorial on the National Mall in Washington DC.

The next step?  Money.  The MLK Memorial Project needs to raise the $100 million needed to fund the project.  To do this the MLK Memorial Project will be engaging in a marketing campaign to raise money from corporate and private sponsors.

Now, if you’re engaging in a marketing campaign to raise money for a memorial to Martin Luther King – you’re going to use MLK’s name and his likeness in the campaign, right?  Well, no you’re not.  Not unless you PAY the King family for that privilege.

OK .. I know you don’t believe it, so I’m putting a link to the newspaper story below.  The family of Martin Luther King is demanding a licensing fee – cash – moolah.   Before the Memorial Project can even use Martin Luther King’s name to solicit money for the memorial, they have to agree to pay a share, or a set fee to the family.

Do I have to say any more here?




So New York Senator Charles Schumer and others in Congress want to nullify patent rights to the anthrax medication Cipro.  So what?  That just means the government and ordinary Americans can get the drug at a lower cost, right?

Dr. Betsy McCaughey is a former lieutenant governor of New York.  She's now a Health Policy Fellow at the Hudson Institute.  You might remember that McCaughey dissected Hillary Clinton's plan for health care reform in an article she wrote for The New Republic.  Armed with that analysis, Republicans successfully defeated Hillary's efforts to socialize the American health care industry.

McCaughey recently talked to Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly.  She says cheaper Cipro pills aren't going to win the war against terrorism.  She says Schumer's plan to nullify patent rights to Cipro is dangerous because it sends a message to drug companies and medical device companies.  That message is this: Work hard to develop life-saving products for emergencies--but when that emergency arrives, don't expect to get paid for those products.  Schumer's plan will remove all incentive for drug companies and device manufacturers to continue research and development of new drugs and equipment designed to combat bioterrorism.

Basically speaking --- it’s a negation of Bayer’s property rights.  The property was developed by Bayer – and now Chuckie wants to just take it away with only basic compensation.  Take it away because the government needs it.

Our lives could depend on the innovation and creativity of the medical industry--and Chuck Schumer's plan will only hamper that creativity.  Schumer may think he's doing a favor to Americans, but in the long term, his plan will cost more lives than it saves.




Meet Patricia Thomas.  She teaches physics to students at Dixie Hollins (Government) High School in St. Petersburg, Florida.  For the last three weeks, her students have working on a classic physics project.  Their goal is to package and protect an egg from cracking after a 35-foot drop.  Thomas was to drop their packaged eggs from a cherry-picker onto the ground at the football stadium tomorrow.

It's a pretty mundane project, so Thomas decided she wanted to spice it up.  So she had a poster made of Osama bin Laden with a bull's-eye on his face.  The 9-by-9-foot poster was custom-made and laminated at a cost of $500.  She was going to drop her students' eggs onto bin Laden's face.  Thomas called the project "The Yolk's on Osama."

That is, until school administrators got wind of her plan.  District officials say that dropping eggs on a poster of Osama bin Laden is "culturally insensitive."  They've forbidden Thomas from using the bin Laden poster.

Pinellas County school spokesman Ron Stone suggested that maybe Thomas could drop eggs onto a poster with the word "terrorism" printed on it instead.

"Culturally insensitive?"  Give me a break!  Who would be offended?  Other terrorists?  Osama's relatives?  Are we such a tolerant society that we refrain from offending evil people who commit mass murder against innocent American civilians?  Isn't that an admission that our society tolerates terrorists' actions?

If these administrators were in charge of the federal government, we'd all be ducking and covering while we examined the reasons why our country was attacked on September 11!

How pathetic.  And how typical of our government schools.  Here's hoping Patricia Thomas isn't forced to undergo "sensitivity training."




Seventy-eight year-old Monice Peterson of Franklin, Indiana, was sleeping in her bed early Sunday morning when she was awakened by the sound of someone pounding on her back door.  She grabbed her .25-caliber semiautomatic handgun and went to investigate.  She found a man kicking a hole in the wall next to the back door!

Peterson dialed 911.  While she was on the phone with the dispatcher, the man, Earl Feathers, made a hole big enough for him to enter.  He came inside the porch.  Peterson warned Feathers that if he came any closer she would shoot.

Feathers made a move towards her.  Peterson fired a single shot--and missed Feathers.  Feathers turned tail and tried to escape through the opening in the wall.  He wasn’t fast enough.  When the Franklin police arrived as he was still there, trying to wriggle out of Monice Peterson's home.  Two policemen dragged Feathers out of the hole and handcuffed him.  Feathers was drunk and told officers he thought Peterson's home was his own.

Replay that scenario.  Imagine Monice Peterson was required by law to keep the ammunition in a separate place, or keep a trigger lock on the gun.  Worse yet, imagine what would have happened if she didn't have that gun.  Guns are the great equalizer.  The disparity of force between a drunken 200-pound man and an elderly woman vanishes if that woman is armed.

Monice Peterson is unharmed because she was armed and prepared for Earl Feathers' arrival.  She's okay because she didn't fall for the gun-grabbers' pleas for her to disarm "for the children."  She's okay because she took responsibility for her own safety.

If Monice Peterson had listened to anti-gun advocates, would she be alive today?




Look --- THEY attacked US, not the other way around.  Now we’re agonizing over whether or not we want to continue with the retaliation over their precious month-long religious celebration?

First, what are the practical results of some sort of a cessation of hostilities for the month of Ramadan?  That’s not hard to figure out.  The Taliban and Bin Laden forces would use that time to regroup, re-recruit, retrench and to solidify their position in dozens of ways.  Trust me, the Islamic Fanatics wouldn’t spend the time beating themselves with tree branches or banging their heads in the ground as they kneel and face Mecca.

Secondly, to ease off during Ramadan would be some sort of a tacit admission that it is Islam we are fighting, not terrorist fanatics. These maniacs do not represent true Islam and continuing to find them and to kill them does not any more constitute an assault on Islam than pursuing KKK members who constituted an assault on Christianity.

Granted – the U.S. needs to do something to show it’s respect for non-violent Muslims during Ramadan … but allowing the nutso’s to regroup and strengthen their position might well be going too far.




I was watching the O’Reilly Factor on Fox News Channel last night.  The subject, of course, was the war on terrorism.  O’Reilly had to sit across the desk from some clown who obviously didn’t think much of America.  I can’t remember his name, so Clown will do.  Clown works with some outfit that promotes reconciliation.  Toward the end of the interview I thought  O’Reilly was going to blow a gasket when Clown said that “America has been waging war on the people of the world for years.”

OK … how in the world can anyone with one ounce of common sense say such a thing?  America, waging war on the people of the world?  Well, once again it’s all in the definitions. 

The Soviet Communists used to blather on and on about their desire for world peace.  To them, though, peace was defined as “an absence of opposition to communism.”  Any opposition to their goal of world communist domination came under the definition of war.

So, what is Clown’s definition of “waging war?”

Actually, he didn’t say and O’Reilly didn’t ask him.  It should be noted that Clown isn’t the first leftist to come up with this “America against the world” scenario.  I’ve been hearing it so long I think I’ve noodled it out.  Here are just some of the things that are defined by leftists as “waging war.” 

First we have America’s failure to divest itself of its wealth.  To the left it is just unconscionable that Americans have been able to take advantage of our economic freedom to develop individual wealth.  This wealth should be taken from the people of America and redistributed to the poor people of the world.  The failure of America to give away almost all of its resources and wealth constitutes a declaration of war on the people of the world. 

America is also waging war on the people of the world by exploiting their labor and their resources.  When an American company creates jobs in some third world country the left would have us believe that the people who are hired should earn wages comparable to those earned by workers in the U.S.  The logical-thinking person will recognize that wages are relative.  Wages should be gauged against that area’s cost of living.  You don’t pay someone living in Bangladesh a living wage for Orlando.  As for the resources … These countries don’t have the means to utilize their own resources.  If it weren’t for investments from industrialized nations their people would be even poorer. 

America also “wages war” against the people of the world by filing to provide jobs and employment for virtually all of them.  Now you would recognize this as a “dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t” situation.  That’s because you’re thinking logically.  Leftists don’t think logically. 

The United States also has a policy of opposing leftist (communist and socialist) regimes around the world.  In the minds of the left these totalitarian regimes are “people’s movements.”  Therefore, any opposition to world socialism or communism constitutes a war on the people of the world. 

There, glad I could help you understand this more clearly. 




If one good thing has come from the September 11 attacks, it's that more Americans have gotten a peek at the real Hillary Clinton.

You probably know by now that one of the victims of the September 11 massacre was Barbara Olson, the wife of U.S. Solicitor General Ted Olson.  Barbara Olson was also an author and commentator who often appeared on Fox News Channel.  She wrote the book "Hell to Pay," a rather unflattering expose Hillary would rather most Americans didn't read.

Barbara Olson's new book, "The Final Days," was finished and about to go to print when the plane Olson was riding smashed into the Pentagon.  The book details the last days of the Clinton presidency--including the flurry of pardons, the looting of the White House, and the lavish gifts their Hollywood friends showered on them.  Regnery, the book's publisher, decided to honor Olson's memory by proceeding with the release of "The Final Days."

What was Bill and Hillary's response to Barbara Olson's death?  Did they send flowers or a card to Ted Olson?  Did they make a telephone call to express their sympathies?  Nope.  They set out to stop the publication of "The Final Days."

The sister company of Regnery is called Human Events. Its editor, Tom Winter, reports that "within a week of the dreadful attack on Sept. 11, powerful friends of Hillary Rodham Clinton tried to stop the publication of this book."  Hillary's friends even made thinly-veiled threats.  They suggested that "Barbara's reputation would be sullied if the book were printed."

Which gets us wondering: What are the Clintons so afraid of that they would overstep the bounds of taste and seek to stop a dead woman's final book from being published?  Is there something in there that could jeopardize Hillary's run for the White House?

We'll find out later this month when "The Final Days" reaches bookstores.


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