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At first, it sounded pretty damning.  George W. Bush had 86ed an EPA regulation further limiting the amount of arsenic that could legally be found in America’s drinking water.

For people who don’t bother to look beyond the sensational headlines, this sounds mighty bad indeed!  Everybody knows that arsenic is poisonous!  Everybody knows that you can die from arsenic poisoning!  Why, it’s absolutely outrageous that President Bush would do such a thing!  He’s a madman!

I purposely avoided conversation on this particular subject this week until I could get a little more information.

OK --- here goes.  So everybody knows that arsenic is poison, right?  Fine.  Do you also know that arsenic is found naturally in broccoli and other vegetables?  Do you know that most ground water already contains arsenic?  Did you know that at low levels arsenic is virtually harmless to the human body?

Here’s what happened.  The National Academy of Sciences issues a report saying that there is too much arsenic in America’s water supply.  The EPA follows suit with a new regulation lowering the permissible arsenic in our water supply form 50ppb (parts per billion) to 10ppb. 

Fine.  Now --- what would this cost, and how many lives would it save?

Cost?  The water industry says it would cost about $6 billion in immediate capital outlays and about $600 million a year from then on.

That cost should be no factor, though, if huge numbers of lives could be saved.  So, what’s the toll in saved souls?  The EPA says that by reducing the arsenic level in water we’re going to statistically save about 28 lives per year.

Whenever you talk about saving lives through regulation you should pay a little attention to just how much each one of those saved lives would cost.  We could, for instance, save the lives of a lot of airline passengers if each passenger could be encased in an escape pod with automatic fire suppression systems and a decent parachute in case of a disaster.  The cost, though, would be absolutely prohibitive.  The EPA realizes this and has suggested a figure of “cost per statistical life saved” for its regulations.  That figure is around $4 million.

So, what would the cost-per-life-saved be of these new EPA arsenic regulations?  OK, --- get your official Clark Howard calculator out.  The new arsenic regulations would save about 28 lives per year at a cost of $65 million per life.  That’s over 16 times the EPA’s own suggest threshold limit!

So --- now that you’ve learned a bit more, does Bush’s rejection of the new EPA standards sound so horrible?

So – why does this work so well?  Who can Democrats, union goons, and mental midgets succeed so wildly in demonizing George W. for a decision that actually makes sense? Easy, because the decision doesn’t make sense UNTIL the facts are known.  Facts … poison to the left and the liberal mental process. 






Let’s take a quick look at the way the AFL-CIO participates in and encourages the politics of envy and class warfare in America.

Here’s a link to a page on the AFL-CIO website.  It’s a letter you can automatically send to your favorite politician or journalist.  Throughout this letter you can see one of the elements of this class warfare agenda.  The left and the AFL-CIO are working to differentiate between “the rich” and “working people.”  The goal here is to promote the idea that wealthy people don’t actually work for their money.  And since they don’t work for their money it’s no real big deal if their money is taken away from them and given to people who actually DO work!

If you want a good rundown on the entire leftist-socialist movement in the United States, there is no better place to start than

Before we move on, here’s a quote from AFL-CIO president John J. Sweeney about Bush’s tax cut idea:

"My fear is that he is so determined to reward his corporate and ideological backers that he will ignore the needs of the vast majority of American people who make daily decisions between pork chops and peanut butter — as he pays attention only to those who must decide between a $190 and a $125 bottle of Bordeaux,"

Nice, huh?  We have two classes of people in this country. Those who work, and have to decide between pork chops and peanut butter; and those who are rich, and who’s only problem is which wine to drink with their gourmet dinner.

Hey, Sweeney.  The next time one of your precious union members needs a job, tell him to go apply for work to someone trying to decide between pork chops and peanut butter.  






Gore’s standards, Bush wins.

Bush’s standards, Gore wins.

What the hell is going on here?

We just can’t seem to turn the Florida election loose.

The Miami Herald has completed another massive review of the undervote ballots in 67 Florida counties.  The results?  Even if every dimpled, pimpled, pregnant, nicked chad was counted --- Bush would still win.  The margin would be over 1,600 votes.

Hey --- he’s president.  Deal with it.  It probably isn’t going to last long.  The “gimme gimme” voters of this country will install their income redistributing friends in the seat of power in about two to four years.







Mary Frances Berry is the head of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, which is investigating voting-rights abuses in Florida.  Speaking to about 20 students and faculty at a community college in Pennsylvania, Berry said she wished Al Gore had won the election.

Berry added that if Gore had been elected president, she wouldn't have to worry about George W. Bush filling federal judgeship openings with "very conservative" judges.  And she said her second-biggest worry about the Bush administration is its handling of the economy.

So --- what is a “very conservative” judge?  Well, Bush has said that he intends to appoint judges who believe in and interpret our Constitution strictly.  In other words, judges who will abide by and enforce the rule of law.  That, to Ms. Berry, is troublesome.

Oh … and as far as violating election laws is concerned --- did you know that the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, despite two lengthy public hearings in Florida, has not yet identified a single violation of election law by any public elections official?  Rest assured, though, that the commission will keep looking.

Mary Frances Berry and her Democrat cheerleaders are determined to find the evidence that fits their agenda.  And Berry isn't too worried about looking partisan while the investigation continues.





Neil Boortz is a syndicated talk show host based in Atlanta Georgia. You can visit his website at


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